Kodiak for Educators

Toubleshooting Kodiak

Having trouble getting Kodiak apps to work in your home or classroom? We're here to help. If the solutions below don't solve your problems, please contact our team at support@kodiakreporting.com

I've signed up for Kodiak, what do I do now?

Welcome to Kodiak! The next step is to download one of our supported apps to your classroom iPads. We call these "Kodiak apps", and you can find a list of them on the App Gallery page. If you're looking to try one out for free, try out ScribbleMath Addition.

Kodiak wants my student's names and birthdays. Do I have to provide this information?

You don't need to provide personally-identifying information about your students. Feel free to use nicknames, skip last names, or list only birth months instead of full birthdates. As the Kodiak platform matures, we'll use your students' ages to provide you with the best possible feedback and suggestions, but they're not required.

I've downloaded a Kodiak app to my iPads and started it... now what?

When you open a Kodiak-supported app for the first time, you should see a Kodiak sign in button. If you don't find it immediately, look in the parent/teacher area of the app. Tap it and enter your Kodiak account information. Once you sign into Kodiak within the app, that iPad / iPhone is tied to your Kodiak account. Each time students start the app, they'll be asked to select their profile and their activity will be recorded!

Tip: If you install multiple Kodiak apps on the same iPad, you don't need to log in to each one. When you sign in to one Kodiak app, you'll be automatically signed in to the others on the same iPad.

Sometimes Kodiak says my students have stopped playing when they're still in the apps!

Kodiak's live dashboard only works when each student's iPad is connected to the internet. If the WiFi connection is intermittent and the student's device disconnects for more than two minutes, they'll be marked as "offline" on Kodiak's dashboard. When the iPad's connection is restored, the app will automatically submit all the scores that were recorded while it was offline, so you don't have to worry about students losing data.

How do I know if my students are connected to the classroom Wifi?

When you sign into your Kodiak account within one of our supported apps, you'll notice a bright green or red icon appear in the top right corner of the screen. This is the Kodiak Connection Indicator. If you notice it turn red, that means the iPad has disconnected from the network. Student progress is still recorded and will be automatically added to your Kodiak dashboard when the Wifi connection is restored.

I don't have Wifi in my classroom. Can I still use Kodiak to record my student's scores and activity?

Yes! Kodiak's live dashboard won't work without each iPad being connected to the internet. However, as long as you can connect your devices to the internet occasionally to upload saved activity, Kodiak's progress reports and interactive analytics will work fine.

I love seeing my students' screens on the dashboard, I can't see what they're doing in all apps. Why?

Unfortunately, the live screenshots on the Kodiak dashboard can only reveal what students are doing within Kodiak apps. If students switch out of a Kodiak game or activity to another app, such as Safari or iMovie, their iPad is no longer communicating with Kodiak's servers and the live view disappears.

I've downloaded app XYZ, and it doesn't seem to work as advertised. What do I do?

First off, thanks for downloading the app and supporting it's developer! If you're having trouble using the app with Kodiak, please contact us. If you're experiencing problems with the app itself not behaving as expected, crashing, or delivering bad content, please reach out to the app's developer. Please consider reaching out via the app's support website before leaving a negative review on the App Store. Negative really hurt sales, and many independent developers see their income drop by more than 20% when ratings fall.