Basic Concepts

Kodiak is a cloud service that collects information from educational apps and provides teachers and parents with insights into their childrens' use of the iPad via a web dashboard.

Our backend analytics system processes all of the data your application submits and parses it to provide valuable information to parents and teachers that would be impossible for them to see otherwise. For example, we can compare the performance of students in the same class and identifiers struggling kids that need attention. We can compare students to others in the same grade level, and lets parents know when their students are performing above their grade level. Soon, we’ll be using data from apps like yours for even more advanced analytics – identifying students that show signs of dyslexia in spelling apps, have trouble with the associative property in math apps, and more.

The Kodiak iOS SDK is based around the idea of activities, sessions and events. It’s important to understand this terminology as you begin the integration process.

  1. An Activity is a type of game within your app. Many apps only have a single activity. However, if your app allows students to choose between multiple gameplay modes or levels with substantially different content, each of those should be a separate activity.

  2. A Session is an instance of a student playing an activity within your app. Let’s say Jimmy opens your app, selects a game he wants to play and clicks “Start.” The session begins when he presses Start and ends when he returns to the main screen of your app or closes the game.

  3. An Event is a single action taken within a session. For example, if Jimmy answers the problem “2+2=?” as part of the game he’s playing, that should be logged as a question event. Events are used by our system to analyze student activity, and a teacher logging into Kodiak on the web can see all of the events you submitted during a session. At the moment, there are only two types of events:

    • Question Events (KodiakQuestionEvent) – should be submitted when provides an answer to a question they’ve been asked.
    • Progress Events (KodiakProgressEvent) – should be submitted when the student progresses to another level, page, or screen within the activity.

Getting Started

Just getting started with Kodiak? We recommend you follow the IntegrationGuide to get your apps up and running on the Kodiak platform so we can walk you through the required steps one by one. If you run into trouble, be sure to check out the IntegrationFAQ.

Core Features

The Kodiak API:

  1. Logs student activity within your app, providing parents and teachers with a view of student progress.
  2. Helps your app support multiple students painlessly by providing a consistent registration and management interface to your users and simple APIs for you.
  3. Allows teachers and parents to see the screen of the iPad while your app is in the foreground.
  4. Sync student metadata to the cloud, so students can have a consistent experience in your app even when they’re using a different iPad every day (the case in many classrooms).