Overview - What is Kodiak?

Powerful technology that’s easy to use

Kodiak partners with educational app developers to integrate our technology with their apps. As children complete activities in Kodiak partner apps, the results of their work are automatically uploaded to Kodiak’s servers. Parents and teachers can then log into Kodiak on the web to gain insight into their child’s digital education.

Access from anywhere

Because Kodiak runs in your web browser, you can access whenever you’re connected to the internet. Use Kodiak from your desktop, your laptop or your tablet.

Private data stays private

Each child’s performance data is stored securely in our database, where it’s visible only to the appropriate parents and teachers. You can choose to discontinue data recording or to delete your child’s data at any time.

Multiple children on each device

Don’t have enough tablets to go around? Kodiak stores each child’s data separately, even when children are sharing a device.