Overview - What is Kodiak?

An essential tool for educating

with tablet devices

Kodiak is an automatic gradebook and recommendation system for educational apps. It helps you to support your child’s digital learning by tracking your child’s progress, notifying you of important milestones and trends, and showing you which apps are the best fit for your child.

Track progress easily

Apps that partner with Kodiak submit your child’s activity results to our servers automatically. Kodiak shows you these results using charts and graphs that make it easy for you to spot trends in performance.

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Stay in the loop

Kodiak identifies important insights about your child’s performance and brings them directly to your attention. Find out right away when your child gets a new high score, or when he’s struggling and could use some help.

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Find the best apps

Kodiak makes personalized recommendations on which apps are the best fit for your child’s skills. Use Kodiak’s App Gallery to browse apps by grade level or academic subject. Reviews from teachers and parents help you choose high quality apps.

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