Overview - What is Kodiak?

Monitor activity in real time

The dashboard gives you a live view of your childrens' activity in Kodiak partner apps. With real-time screenshots and performance summaries, it’s never been easier to monitor the work of a single child or a group of students.

See which students need your help during an activity, so you can offer help and correct their understanding while they are still working to build a mental model of the material.

Everyone in one place

Whether you’re reviewing the work of your children at home or managing an entire classroom of students, Kodiak puts everyone’s live activity onto a single screen. Quickly see which children are using which apps.

Live screenshots

Kodiak’s screen sharing technology collects an image of your child’s screen every few seconds. You see exactly the same thing your child sees.

Summaries at a glance

Important details of the activity, such as the percentage of correct answers so far, are displayed for each child, making it easy for you to know who could use your help with the current activity.