Kodiak for Developers

Your apps are sparking a revolution in education.
We're here to take them further.

Mobile apps are helping teachers cater to the needs of individual students,
deliver engaging lessons, and excite the next generation. But most apps
are written for use by individual students, not classrooms of kids sharing
tablets. They need monitoring and assessment tools to be used effectively.

Integrate the Kodiak API into your app and you get sophisticated
performance assessment features for free. Adding Kodiak to your app
will boost volume sales to educational institutions and help differentiate
your app on the store.

Save time and money

Save development time and cost by using the tools that Kodiak has already built for you. Kodiak's reporting capabilities were designed through extensive cooperation with teachers, making them some of the most effective and user-friendly tools available to educators.

Gain a competitive advantage

Kodiak's features give your app an immediate competitive advantage over other apps. When purchasing educational apps, parents and teachers using Kodiak will prefer apps that work with a reporting tool they already use.

Support multiple children

Teachers and parents create free Kodiak accounts and add their children, and they're asked to select their accounts when they launch your app. Everything is synced with the cloud—student accounts aren't stuck in your app and your users don't have to be setup students again when they download new apps.

Save state in the cloud

Save student progress, unlocked achievements and more to a Kodiak Student object, and we sync that information to the cloud. Children can use any device in the classroom and pick up where they left off in your app.

Get one-of-a-kind analytics

We don't aim to replace Flurry or Google Analytics—but the data we collect can offer unmatched insight into your app's use. Find out what grade levels are using your app, how many of your users are in schools, and more.

See more bulk purchases

Kodiak can help your app make the leap from the home to the classroom. Our group data collection and reporting features make your app more attractive to teachers, who purchase apps for their entire class - meaning dozens of downloads at a time.

Integration Screenshots

Want to see what the reporting dashboard looks like? Check out the How it works tour.