Educators renew research on iPads for next fall

By the end of June, most schools have wrapped up spring classes, and teachers and administrators have time to begin thinking about the next school year. Education Week’s tech publication Digital Directions recently gave a little insight into what those educators are thinking.

Taking another look

In the June 21st edition of their email newsletter, Digital Directions published a list of the 5 most viewed articles on their entire site over the previous two weeks. The #1 most viewed article? A piece titled “Educators Evaluate Learning Benefits of iPad.”

This statistic is made even more significant by the fact that the article was written over a year ago, in June 2011.

Why is an article about iPads from last summer suddenly trending so strongly? Educators are obviously hunting for information on iPads in eduction, trying to get a feel for how this investment is paying off in other districts.

The iPad proves its worth

These days, there is an increasing amount of evidence that iPads are indeed an effective tool for education. CNN reported earlier this year on a pilot study using an iPads to supply e-textbooks for Algebra 1 courses; the study found that 20% more students (78% compared to 59%) scored ‘Proficient’ or ‘Advanced’ in subject comprehension when using tablets rather than paper textbook counterparts. 9ine, a consultancy in the UK, published a report just last week revealing a number of benefits for both teachers and students using iPads at Longfield Academy in Kent, England. Among the findings:

  • Teachers have identified significant benefits for their workload and have also identified cost savings.
  • The quality and standard of pupil work and progress is rising.
  • Both staff and student feel they can work more effectively with iPads.

You can download the report, titled “The iPad as a Tool for Education,” on 9ine’s website.

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