Personal vs. professional social media

Our friends at EdSurge put together some interesting thoughts this week on what constitutes “professional” or “personal” social media for students. EdSurge collected a great set of links and ideas on this topic.

NYC DoE tries to draw a line

The NYC Department of Ed recently published a set of social media guidelines seeking to delineate between social media used for professional and personal purposes. However, as EdSurge points out, this is a fuzzy distinction for students.

Critics of the NYC guidelines emphasize the importance of teachers to being familiar with the social networks that their students are using both in and out of the classroom. If teachers don’t interact with students on their own turf—mobile devices, Facebook, Xbox Live, or social games such as DrawSomething—they could be missing out on an important opportunity to engage their students.

Kodiak helps teachers and parents understand how children are using the iPad to learn, communicate, and entertain themselves. As the new generation of digital natives grows up with these devices, it will be increasingly important for educators to understand their activity and to interact with them through their favorite mediums.

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