Sharing is caring: Pooling resources to help kids

Sharing through large organizations


We were excited this week find out about a fantastic organization right here in our home state of Tennessee. is an online collection of toolkits for teachers in families to use in educating Pre-K through 3rd grade children. The toolkits address a wide range of topics: Common Core subjects like math and reading; physical education and development of motor skills; even social and emotional development like making friends and building self-esteem.

ReadTennessee’s goal is for this collected information to allow teachers, families, and communities to work together in educating young children. Almost anyone should find something useful here—go ahead, take a look for yourself.

Individual teachers contributing their expertise

Meanwhile, teachers and parents who are in the vanguard of technology adoption continue to provide invaluable feedback on their experience with the latest hardware and software. To name a few shining examples:

  • Carl Hooker is Director for Instructional Technology in the Eanes Independent School District. He’s written several blog posts and given numerous presentations about the lessons learned from his school’s 1-to-1 iPad pilot.
  • Jennie Magiera (who we’ve mentioned on this blog before) frequently posts awesome, helpful articles on her blog Teaching like it’s 2999, such as this post comparing Google Docs to Apple’s iWork apps.
  • The Moms With Apps blog and forum contain contributions from parents nationwide who want to find the best apps for their kids.

Kodiak chips in

Kodiak makes several contributions to the globally shared knowledge base for education. We use anonymous information about how real students are using apps so that you can make better choices about the apps you buy for your children. We post app reviews from teachers and parents—and unlike the App Store, we separate teacher and parent reviews, so that you can better understand where the author is coming from. We allow our users to tag every app with the educational concepts it contains, which makes it easier than ever before for you to find out if an app will teach your child what he or she needs to learn.

By tapping into these shared resources, teachers can make a quantum leap in how fast they’re able to prepare the necessary materials for their classrooms. We’re proud to offer what we can to create a better digital ecosystem for educators and their students.

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