Know your tools: School loses data collected via Google Forms

Google Docs can be a fantastic tool for working digitally. The suite of products is comprehensive (word processor, presentation creator, spreadsheet program, and more), the collaboration features are top notch, and to made the deal even sweeter, it’s free.

However, Google Docs has its drawbacks. Teacher and blogger Vicki Davis discovered one recently—in a very frustrating way.

Google’s ToU prohibit personal data collection

Davis’s school lost information when Google deleted some data that had been collected using Google Forms. Google’s terms of service prohibit users from collecting personal information with Google Forms. “This includes a userid, password, AND emails,” writes Davis.

Google runs pieces of code on its servers that search for Google Docs that might be in violation of their terms of service. Problematic files are then deleted automatically.

Google Docs: Good, not perfect

Issues like this aren’t the only potential problem with using Google Docs in your school. You need an internet connection in order to use it, meaning your files won’t be available offline. And some people find that the programs, while simple to use, don’t have all of the features they want.

As we’ve mentioned before here on the Kodiak blog, privacy is a serious concern for us, as we know it is for you. Be careful out there when looking for ways to manage your students’ data.